Campsite Rules

In order that everyone may enjoy their visit to Spitewinter we ask users to adhere to the following simple directions and remind leaders that they are responsible for the proper running of their camps and the conduct of the people in their charge.

Vehicles: Vehicles must not be brought onto the site. They are to be kept in the areas designated, that is near the main gate, lower track and front of the service hut. Sites and huts are easily reached from the parking areas.

Trees: Please respect all trees on site. No standing trees, whether dead or alive, must be felled or mutilated in any wayh whatsoever. Trees used for properly organised pioneering must be suitably protected.

Walls: Walls must not be climbed or damaged, neither must capping stones be removed, for any purpose whatsoever.

Firewood: There is a wood pile on site, located infront of the service hut. Campers wishing to cook on wood fires must only use the fire bases provided. These must be cleared before leaving. The use of axes must be supervised by an adult.

Camp fire clircle / Chapel: This area is to be used for designated purposes only, during group activities. Fires are not permitted at any other times; neither is cooking to be done there. Please ensure ashes are removed after the campfires and campfire circle is left clean for next user.

Toilets / Showers: All campers are expected to work jointly with other groups on site to keep the toilet block in a good, clean condition. Leaders should liaise with each other to provide cleaning groups; especially before departure. No cooking utensils are to be washed in the toilet block.

Refuse: All refuse should be put in plastic bags and placed in the refuse bin by the main gate.

General: All visitors and campers are goverened by the current Scout Association, Policy Organisation and rules and such amendments by be issued from time to time.

Departure: Please vacate your site / accomodation by 4.00pm on the day of departure (unless by prior arrangement wth the booking secretary). Local users are subject to the departure procedure.

Fire procedure: Leaders must aquaint themselves with the site fire drill, the instructions for which are located on the notice boards.

Guns / Air guns: These are not permitted on site at Spitewinter and no exceptions are made to this rule.

Use of saws and axes: The use of saws and axes must be supervised by an adult and the use of chainsaws on site is strictly forbidden.

DogsDogs are not permitted on site